Occupational Therapy for Children

As an independent children’s occupational therapist, I offer affordable assessments and advice, and treatment blocks as necessary.  Much of the advice I offer can be incorporated into everyday activities at home and into the curriculum at school.  
I stress that therapy should be part of daily life (both at home and in school), and not just the time spent with the therapist.

I aim to work therapeutically with a child through sensory-based play and activities of daily living, to address difficulties that have been identified during assessment, enabling your child to gain maximum benefit to access the National Curriculum.

The purpose of occupational therapy with children is to encourage and enable the child to develop and maximise their independence and everyday life skills, both at home and at school, in order that they will achieve their full potential.
What is Occupational Therapy ?

Occupational therapists work with children, their families, schools and nurseries to help children make the most of their abilities and develop independence in everyday activities, such as learning and playing.

They also help to maximise independence, access and safety at home.  An Occupational Therapist (OT) sees children experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks due to physical and developmental difficulties, delays and disabilities.

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